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20 Bow Fabric & Sequins Only Pack
20 Assorted Fabric, Sequins Bows $200
20 Bow Solid Color Glitter Bows Only Pack
20 Assorted Solid Color Glitter Bows with Blingy Centers $200
30 Bow Sublimation Only Pack
30 Assorted Sublimated Glitter Ribbon Bows $300
32 Bow Pack
10 Solid Color Ribbon Bows
10 Assorted Sublimated Glitter Ribbon Bows
2 Fabric Bows
10 Patterned Ribbon Bows
54 Bow Pack
10 Solid Color Ribbon Bows
25 Assorted Sublimated Glitter Ribbon Bows
4 Fabric Bows with Crystals
15 Patterned Ribbon Bows
For Personalized Products Only (where a monogram, number, name, etc is SHOWN ON THE PRODUCT BEING PURCHASED): 
For products with Names, Numbers, Monograms,  etc. as part of the current product please note this in the comments box. 
For monograms please include the Full Name of your athlete (First, Middle, Last) so we can properly monogram your item.
Bows by April™ ( BbA ) makes custom cheer bows and sports bows.  All Bows by April™ ( BbA ) are custom and made to order right here in our Atlanta, GA studio.  BbA are never from stock!
Bows by April™ custom bows are perfect for cheerleading bows (allstar cheer bows, school cheer bows, rec cheer bows), softball bows, volleyball bows, track and field bows, basketball bows or any other sport or event you want to look fabulous for!
Bows by April™ custom bows are fully customizable. Just let me know in the comments section what colors you want YOUR custom bow to be!
All of Bows by April's custom bows ship to you in a box, not an envelope, in order to keep your custom bows in top condition and Bows by April ships custom cheer bows and sports bows worldwide every week!
Teams can contact me for a full custom bow that's color matched, practice wear matched, uniform matched, or t shirt matched that includes whatever text and logos you want!
If you ever have an issue with your Bows by April™ custom bow, please contact me and I'll work with you on a custom bow repair!
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